There are five different payment options including payment by way of a credit or debit card, using an electronic gift voucher, by EFT and by cash. Cheques will not be accepted under any circumstances. If the EFT payment option is used, this can take up to seventy two (72) hours depending upon the relevant bank. Please note that if payment is not received within seventy two (72) hours, the order will automatically be cancelled. In the event that the customer wishes to make payment in store, the following option is available, Pay in Store. The Customer will need to visit our store in Rosebank Mall with their unique order number and make payment within forty eight (48) hours of the placement of the order, failing which the order will be cancelled. Only in the event of the use of a gift card can more than one payment type be used to complete an order and in this instance the customer is entitled to top up the payment with a credit or debit card. With regard to gift vouchers the following is also relevant: Gift vouchers are valid for twelve (12) months from the date of purchase thereof. Gifts vouchers will also be redeemable online. The value thereof is redeemable for Products (not cash) at our store. House of Isis accepts no responsibility in the event that due to an error or oversight on the part of the Customer, or for any reason, the gift voucher is used by a third party. House of Isis prescribes to high security and encryption standards allowing all customers to shop with peace of mind. It is also to be noted that it is the strict policy of House of Isis, and House of Isis takes all reasonable security measures to ensure that payment and card details, as well as related confidential information, cannot be accessed by anyone who is not authorized to do so.